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Title: Gapminder World Chart
Author: Hans Rosling
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Year: 2006

Hans Rosling and others at the Gapminder Foundation in Sweden developed some novel ways to “… increase the use and understanding of information about social, economic and environmental development at local, national and global levels.”

The information was there, in a variety of data banks, but people couldn’t access it or see it. They created the “moving bubble chart” and other methods now widely available on Google and other sources.

The Gapminder World Chart is a poster, designed to conjure the image of an old map, but with dimensions corresponding to the health and wealth of nations. Now they have it online

Take a few moments to study it. What story does it tell? What world regions are poorest and with the worst child health indicator? How is population shown? What countries stand out as being very different than others that might have been similar?

The graphical details of this chart are also quite remarkable.


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