Graphs of the Week, Month or Century
This collection of pages is a occasional feature of the Data Visualization Gallery. It began as a bulletin board outside my office door, where I posted a variety of graphs I found interesting for various reasons. The idea is to showcase graphical displays, some historical, some modern which were remarkable in some way, together with a brief description of why they deserve notice or further study. The online collection is currently curated by Justeena Zaki-Azat.
Magical Mystery Tour of the History of Data VisualizationR. J. Andrews, San Francisco, CA, U.S.A, 2017The first bar chart: Water Levels of the SeinePhilippe Buache, Paris, France, 1770Circular Diagrams of Mortality & TemperatureWilliam Farr, London, England, 1852Isochronic Passage Chart for TravelersFrancis Galton, London, England, 1881
Comparative Heights of Mountains and Lengths of Rivers, in a single viewW. R. Gardner & William Darton, London, England, 1823Moral Statistics of FranceAndre-Michel Guerry, Paris, France, 1864Moral Statistics of FranceAndre-Michel Guerry, Paris, France, 1864Periodic Table of Visualization MethodsRalph Lengler & Martin J. Eppler, Lugano, Switzerland, 2007
Andex Charts: ROI and HistoryMorningstar, Toronto, Canada, 2011Gapminder World ChartHans Rosling, Stockholm, Sweden, 2006Common Sense RevolutionScott Sorli, Ottawa, Canada, 2007Temple of TimeEmma Willard, Troy, NY, U.S.A., 1846
Temple of TimeEmma Willard, Troy, NY, U.S.A., 1846Animated Migration PatternsGuy Abel, Shanghai, China, 2018Word Cloud of Obama's State of the Union AddressMichael Friendly, Toronto, Canada, 2012Route Maps: Peutinger to the Burlington Route(a) Konrad Peutinger, Augsburg, Germany, 1508 (b) Alfred A. Hart, Chicago, IL, U.S.A., 1870
Information in InfographicsRandall Monroe, Somerville, MA, U.S.A., 2011Graph of chemical elements by atomic weight vs. frequencies in atomic spectraHenry Moseley, 1913Top Batting Averages in Baseball HistoryNew York Times, New York City, NY, U.S.A., 2011
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