Online Statistical Applications

Michael Friendly
Statistical Consulting Service
York University
This page lists a collection of legacy Online statistical applications developed here in the early days of the web. Some are still used and useful but these are no longer being maintained or updated. (This app has been retired)
[webpower] WebPower: Power Analysis for ANOVA designs (This app has been retired)
[mosaics] Mosaic Displays for N-Way Contingency Tables (This app has been retired)
[sieve] Sieve Diagrams for Two-Way Contingency Tables (This app has been retired)
[sasweb] Running SAS on the Web (very outdated; for historical reference only)
Running the SAS System on the Web, my SUGI 22 paper. Also available in a PostScript version(60K).
[sascgi] sascgi: A SAS - WWW gateway
R - shiny applications:

Michael Friendly Email: friendly AT yorku DOT ca