Recursive Polygons

In my SUGI 15 paper, SAS/GRAPH Meets the Logo Turtle I describe a set of SAS macros which provide the ability to draw interesting geometric designs using the "turtle-relative" drawing commands of the Logo language, rather than absolute X-Y coordinates as is characteristic in SAS. (See Bill Kendrick's Web Turtle for another web implementation of turtle graphics.)

This application allows you to run these programs to generate recursive polygons. (A recursive polygon is one which has a smaller polygon drawn at each vertex, down to some depth of recursion.)

While this is a nice idea, and the SAS program is quite simple, the method of drawing is extremely memory intensive when the depth of recursion exceeds 3.


The design is specified by the following parameters:
Number of sides:
Reduction factor:
(0 - 1)
Rotation angle:
(0 - 90)
Recursion depth:
(1 - 3)
Output format:

[Linux] & [SAS]

MLF Michael Friendly