Michael Friendly's

A Fourfold Display for 2 by 2 by k Tables

  • Michael Friendly.
  • A Fourfold Display for 2 by 2 by k Tables.
  • York University, Psychology Dept, no. 217, 1994.

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This paper describes the fourfold display, a graphic designed to display the frequencies in a 2 2 k contingency table. In this display the frequency in each cell is shown by a quarter circle, whose area is proportional to the cell count in a given 2 2 layer, in a way that depicts the odds ratios for k strata. Confidence rings for the odds ratio can be superimposed to provide a visual test of the hypothesis of no associationin each stratum

Keywords: Categorical data; Fourfold display; Graphical methods; Mosaic display; Parquet diagram

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