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Visualizing Categorical Data: agree

$Version: 1.1 (12 Jan 1998)
Michael Friendly
York University

The agree program ( [download] get

Agreement chart for n x n table

The AGREE program is a collection of SAS/IML modules for preparing observer agreement charts which portray the agreement between two raters.


The modules are typically loaded into the SAS/IML workspace with the %include statement. The required input parameters are specified with IML statements, and the AGREE module is called as follows,
  proc iml;
     %include 'path/to/';
     *-- set global variables, if desired;     
     font = 'hwpsl009';

     *-- data, labels, title, weights;
     freq = { ... };
     vnames = {...};
     lnames = {...};
     title  = '...';
     w = 1;         *-- diagonals only;
     run agree(freq, w, vnames, lnames, title);


The required parameters for the RUN AGREE statement are:
A square numeric matrix containing the contingency table to be analyzed.
A vector of one or more weights used to give ``partial credit'' for disagreements by one or more categories. To ignore all but exact agreements, let weight=1. To take into account agreements one-step apart (with a weight of 5/6), let weight={1 5/6}.
A character vector of two elements, containing the names of the row and column variables.
A character vector containing the names of the row and column categories. If table is n x n, then lnames should contain n elements.
A character string containing the title for the plot.

Global input variables

The program uses two global variables to determine the font and character height for text in the agreement chart.
A character string specifying the font used. The default is Helvetica ('hwpsl009') if a PostScript driver is being used, SWISS otherwise.
A numeric value specifying the height of text characters.


proc iml;
   %include iml(agree);
   table =
     {  7     7     2      3,
        2     8     3      7,
        1     5     4      9,
        2     8     9     14 };
   title  = "Agreement Chart: Husband's and Wife's Sexual Fun";
   vnames = {"Husband's Rating" "Wife's rating"};
   lnames = {'Never fun' 'Fairly Often' 'Very Often' 'Always fun'} ;
   font = 'hwpsl009';
   run agree(table, w, vnames, lnames, title);
   w = w || (8/9);
   run agree(table, w, vnames, lnames, title);

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