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Authors: Pierre-Fran├žois Verhulst (1804-1849)
Development of the logistic curve, $ y = k / (1 + C e^{rt})$, to describe the growth of human populations
Mediaitems: Verhulst bio, Pierre-Francois Verhulst et la loi logistique de la population, Verhulst portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Stuart K. Card & Ramana Rao (1963-)
Table lens: Focus and context technique for viewing large tables; user can expand rows or columns to see the details, while keeping surrounding context
Mediaitems: Table lens screen shot, ACM SigChi paper: Exploring Large Tables with the Table Lens, Rao and Card, Information visualization and the next generation workspace (pdf), The Table Lens: Merging Graphical ... (CHI, 1994) paaper, Interactive table lens demonstrations, from InXight
Category: Technology