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Authors: André Michel Guerry (1802-1866)
Polar-area charts (predating those by Florence Nightingale cite{Nightingale:1857}), showing frequency of events for cyclic phenomena
Mediaitems: Guerry's polar diagrams, Guerry barcharts and polar diagrams
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Florence Nightingale (1820-1910)
Polar area charts, known as "coxcombs'' (used in a campaign to improve sanitary conditions of army)
Mediaitems: re-creation of a coxcomb, Nightingale coxcomb, Nightingale portrait, JSE article: A Dialogue with Florence Nightingale, Florence Nightingale's Statistical Diagrams, Florence Nightingale by I. Bernard Cohen, Coxcomb of Cholera deaths by William Farr, Coxcomb of London Plague by William Farr, Graphs by Andre-Michel Guerry in 1829, William Farr portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics