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Author: Martin. I. Krzywinski (1971)
A circular diagram desgined to facilitate the analysis of relationship among categorical and other variables using chords of a circle with various visual attributes. The main application is to genomic structure, where the chords can encode various properties of genomic sequences.
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Howard H. Aiken (1900-1973) & Grace Hopper (1906-1992)
Harvard's Mark I, the first digital computer, put in service. Officially known as the "IBM Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator'' (ASCC), the Mark I was 50 feet long and weighed about 5 tons.
Category: Technology
Author: Martin F. P. Costelloe
College course in statistical graphic methods, "The Graphic Method'' (possibly the first)
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: D. H. Leavens & F. C. Martin
"Log Square'' paper ($log y, log x$, for relations which are linear in log scales)
Category: Technology
Author: Emmanuel de Martonne (1873-1955)
Use of ethnographic maps, showing the distribution of mixed nationalities, played an important role in redrawing national boundaries of Central Europe and the Balkans following World War I
Category: Cartography
Author: John Frederick W. Herschel (1792-1871)
Fitting a smoothed curve to a scatterplot, advocacy of graph paper and graphical methods as standard tools of science. ["The process by which I propose to accomplish this is one essentially graphical; by which term I understand not a mere substitution of geometrical construction and measurement for numerical calculation, but one which has for its object to perform that which no system of calculation can possibly do, by bringing in the aid of the eye and hand to guide the judgment, in a case where judgment only, and not calculation, can be of any avail.'' (p. 178)]
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Florence Nightingale (1820-1910)
Polar area charts, known as "coxcombs'' (used in a campaign to improve sanitary conditions of army)
Category: Statistics & Graphics