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Author: Abraham Cresques (1325-1387)
Catalan Atlas, an exquisitely beautiful visual cosmography, perpetual calendar, and thematic representation of the known world
Mediaitems: Catalan Atlas, detail: Europe, North Africa, BNF listing of images from the Catalan Atlas, BNF description of Atlas catalan (BNF, ESP 30), Detailed description of Catalan Atlas and Abraham Cresques (Henry-Davis), Carte de l'Europe, de l'Afrique du Nord et du Proche-Orient, BNF, ESP 30, Carte de l'Europe, de l'Afrique du Nord et du Proche-Orient, BNF, ESP 30
Category: Cartography
Authors: Louis Ézéchiel Pouchet (1748-1809)
Multi-number graphical calculation (proto-nomogram: contours applied to multiplication table, later rectified by Lalanne cite{Lalanne:1846})
Mediaitems: Pouchet's chart of the multiplication table, Pouchet chart icon
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre (1787-1851)
Invention of the first practical photographic process, using coated plates of metal and glass
Mediaitems: Daguerre, Parisian Boulevard, The Daguerrian Society (with comprehensive links and images)
Category: Technology
Authors: Léon Lalanne (1811-1892)
Contour map of a 3D table, temperature x hour x month (published in 1845)
Mediaitems: Lalanne contour diagram, Lalanne contour diagram, Lalanne biography
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Léon Lalanne (1811-1892)
Use of polar coordinates in a graph(frequency of wind directions)
Mediaitem: Lalanne windrose diagram
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Léon Lalanne (1811-1892)
Logarithmic grid (the first log-log plot, as a nomogram for showing products from the factors)
Mediaitems: Lalanne's Universal Calculator, Lalanne nomogram icon, Lalanne nomogram image
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Louis-Léger Vauthier (1815-1881)
Population contour map (population density shown by contours), the first statistical use of a contour map
Mediaitems: Vauthier portrait, Estuaire de la Seine en 1834, Vauthier contour map, Wikipedia: Louis-Léger Vauthier, Vauthier contour map
Category: Cartography
Author: Charles Lallemand (1857-1938)
Combination of many variables into multi-function nomograms, using 3D, juxtaposition of maps, parallel coordinate and hexagonal grids (L'Abaque Triomphe)
Mediaitems: Lallemand's "L'Abaque Triomphe'', Detailed biography (French), l'Ecole des mines: Lalanne "compteur universel'' and other calculating diagrams, Lallemand biography and portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Auguste Lumière (1862-1954) & Louis Lumière (1864-1948)
First movie, with the cinématographe, using the principle of intermittent movement of film (16 fps), but producing smooth projection (first public film screening on December 28, 1895 at the Cafe Grand)
Mediaitems: Images: Auguste et Louis Lumière, le cinématographe Lumière, Auguste and Louis Lumiere, Encyclopedia Britannica article, Lumiere Biography, Lumiere brothers portrait
Category: Technology
Author: Arthur L. Bowley (1869-1957)
In one of the first statistical textbooks, Arthur Bowley (1901) illustrated an arithmetic and graphical analysis of time-series data using the total value of British and Irish exports from 1855-1899.  He presented a line graph of the time-series data, supplemented by overlaid line graphs of 3-, 5- and 10-year moving averages.  His goal was to show that while the initial series showed wide variability, moving averages made the series progressively smoother.
Mediaitem: Exports from England and Ireland
Category: Statistics & Graphics