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Authors: Louis Ézéchiel Pouchet (1748-1809)
Multi-number graphical calculation (proto-nomogram: contours applied to multiplication table, later rectified by Lalanne cite{Lalanne:1846})
Mediaitems: Pouchet's chart of the multiplication table, Pouchet chart icon
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Léon Lalanne (1811-1892)
Contour map of a 3D table, temperature x hour x month (published in 1845)
Mediaitems: Lalanne contour diagram, Lalanne contour diagram, Lalanne biography
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Léon Lalanne (1811-1892)
Use of polar coordinates in a graph(frequency of wind directions)
Mediaitem: Lalanne windrose diagram
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Léon Lalanne (1811-1892)
Logarithmic grid (the first log-log plot, as a nomogram for showing products from the factors)
Mediaitems: Lalanne's Universal Calculator, Lalanne nomogram icon, Lalanne nomogram image
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Charles Lallemand (1857-1938)
Combination of many variables into multi-function nomograms, using 3D, juxtaposition of maps, parallel coordinate and hexagonal grids (L'Abaque Triomphe)
Mediaitems: Lallemand's "L'Abaque Triomphe'', Detailed biography (French), l'Ecole des mines: Lalanne "compteur universel'' and other calculating diagrams, Lallemand biography and portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics