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Author: Josiah Willard Gibbs (1839-1903)
Graphical methods applied to explain fundamental relations in thermodynamics; this includes diagrams of entropy vs. temperature (where work or heat is proportional to area), and the first use of trilinear coordinates (graphs of (x,y,z) where x+y+z=constant)
Mediaitems: Gibbs, Elementary principles in statistical mechanics, Gibbs portrait, Plot on trilinear graph paper by R. A. Fisher, ca. 1955, Gibb's models, Gibbs biography
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Willard Cope Brinton (1880-1957)
Pictograms to represent a series of numbers by icons (combining concepts of the bar graph and pictogram of varying size)
Mediaitems: Comparative pictogram of copper production, Proportion of College Graduates, Google Books: Brinton's Graphic Methods for Presenting Facts, Ranks of states on educational features, Fig 33 (514 x 738; 112K), Michael Stoll's Flicker page on Brinton (1939) Graphic Presentation
Category: Statistics & Graphics