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Author: John Napier (1550-1617)
Invention of logarithms, and the first published tables of logarithms.
Mediaitems: Two pages from Napier's table of logarithms, Diagram of spherical triangles from, Napier portrait, Biography of Napier, Linear and logarithmic scales, English translation of John Napier : Mirifici Logarithmorum Canonis Descriptio...by Ian Bruce
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: John Graunt (1620-1674)
Founding of demographic statistics: Development of the idea that vital statistics (records of christenings and burials in London) could be used to construct life tables. The average life expectancy in London was 27 years, with 65\% dying by age 16
Mediaitems: Cover page of "Natural and Political Observations..." , Mortality table, from, Graunt portrait, Natural and Political Observations mentioned in a following Index, and made upon the Bills of Mortality, 1665, Short biography on John Graunt
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: John Adams (1650-1738)
A map of England showing distances between cities arranged for the use of travellers.
Mediaitem: Adams1679
Category: Cartography
Author: John Arbuthnot (1667-1735)
First test of statistical significance based on deviation between observed data and a null hypothesis (used to show that the guiding hand of a devine being could be discerned in the nearly constant ratio of male to female births in London over 1629--1710)
Mediaitems: Graph of the sex ratio from 1620--1710, Arbuthnot portrait, Arbuthnot biography
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Gottfried Achenwall (1719-1772)
First use of the term "statistik.'' The word "statistics'' was first used by Zimmerman in 1787. (For the earlier use of "statist'', "statista'' and other terms, see cite{John:1883}.)
Mediaitems: Achenwall Wikipedia entry, Achenwall biography
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: John Southern & James Watt (1736-1819)
Automatic recording of bivariate data (pressure vs. volume in steam engine) "Watt Indicator,'' (invention kept secret until 1822)
Mediaitems: Watt Indicator detail, Watt Indicator icon, Watt portrait, Wikipedia: Watt biography, Watt biography
Category: Technology
Author: John Frederick W. Herschel (1792-1871)
Fitting a smoothed curve to a scatterplot, advocacy of graph paper and graphical methods as standard tools of science. ["The process by which I propose to accomplish this is one essentially graphical; by which term I understand not a mere substitution of geometrical construction and measurement for numerical calculation, but one which has for its object to perform that which no system of calculation can possibly do, by bringing in the aid of the eye and hand to guide the judgment, in a case where judgment only, and not calculation, can be of any avail.'' (p. 178)]
Mediaitems: Herschel's graph of position vs time for $gamma$; Virginis, Derived double-orbit for $gamma$ Virginis, Herschel portrait, John Fredrick Herschel biography (French), Herschel biography, Herschel images
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: John Snow (1813-1858)
Use of a dot map to display epidemiological data, leads to discovery of the source of a cholera epidemic.
Mediaitems: Cholera map, same, larger (764x852; 400K), Snow portrait, Online Companion to Cholera, Chloroform, and the Science of Medicine: A Life of John Snow, Communication of Cholera Review, Cholera map
Category: Cartography
Author: John Venn (1834-1923)
Representation of logical propositions and relations diagrammatically. [Actually, Liebnitz and, to some degree, Euler had used such diagrams previously.]
Mediaitems: Venn diagram, Venn biography, Venn portrait, A survey of Venn diagrams, Wikipedia page on Venn and similar diagrams, Create your own Venn diagram
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: John Bailey Peddle (1868-1933)
Textbook in English devoted exclusively to statistical graphics