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Author: Jacques Barbeu-Dubourg (1709-1779)
"Carte chronologique'': An annotated timeline of history (from Creation) on a 54-foot scroll, including names and descriptive events, grouped thematically, with symbols denoting character (martyr, tyrant, heretic, noble, upright, etc.) and profession (painter, theologian, musician, monk, etc.)
Mediaitems: Dubourg scroll, closed, Dubourg scroll, opened (
Category: Cartography
Authors: Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre (1787-1851)
Invention of the first practical photographic process, using coated plates of metal and glass
Mediaitems: Daguerre, Parisian Boulevard, The Daguerrian Society (with comprehensive links and images)
Category: Technology
Author: Alphonse Bertillon (1853-1914)
Statistical reasoning employed to create a new system of bodily measurement, specifically for identifying criminals
Mediaitems: Bertillon images (russian), Bertillon portrait, Bertillon portrait, Science of criminal identification, Bertillon web site, Measuring the head with calipers
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Jacques Bertillon (1851-1922)
Use of area rectangles on a map to display two variables and their product (population of arrondisements in Paris, percent foreigners; area = absolute number of foreigners)
Mediaitem: Bertillon map
Category: Cartography
Authors: M. Fontaine (1900s) & Jacques Bertillon (1851-1922) & Émile Cheysson (1836-1910)
This work by Cheysson and Fontaine, reported by Bertillon, was the first proposal of standards for graphical presentation. The paper "Proposals to bring uniformity in the preparation of charts" discusses some key recommendations, including cautious use of symbols and hieroglyphs, and sparing use of comparison by areas. It is proposed that x and y scales be constructed so that the average behaviour corresponds to a curve of 45 degrees. Other attempts to formulate standards for graphical procedures at the International Statistical Congress are discussed in detail.
Mediaitems: Cheysson portrait, On Chart Uniformity (pg. 1) - English Translation , Biographt of Emile Cheysson, Biography of Jacques Bertillon, On Chart Uniformity (pg. 2) - English Translation, On Chart Uniformity (pg. 3) - English Translation, On Chart Uniformity (pg. 4) - English Translation, On Chart Uniformity (pg. 5) - English Translation, On Chart Uniformity (pg. 6) - English Translation
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Jacques Bertin (1918-2010)
Comprehensive theory of graphical symbols and modes of graphics representation
Mediaitems: The reorderable matrix, Bertin portrait, 30 ans de semiologique graphique, Bertin color portrait, InfoVis interview with J. Bertin, Jacques Bertin, Semiologie Graphique web site, Bertin's seven visual variables
Category: Statistics & Graphics