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Author: Guillaume Le Nautonier (1557-1620)
Tables, and first world map showing lines of geomagnetism (isogons), used in work on finding longitude by means of magnetic variation. The tables give the world distribution of the variation, by latitude, along each of the meridians
Mediaitems: Le Nautonier portrait, Le Nautonier's geomagentic map, Modern re-creation of the magnetic equator after Le Nautonier, Biographical sketch
Category: Cartography
Author: Jacob Cristoph Le Blon (1667-1741)
Invention of three-color printing
Mediaitems: Le Blon biography, Origins of the art of colour reproduction, Color reproduction
Category: Technology
Authors: Jacob Bernoulli (1654-1705) & Gregorio Fontana (1735-1803)
Development of the use of polar coordinates for the representation of functions. Newton's Method of Fluxions was written about 1671, but not published until 1736. Jacob Bernoulli published a derivation of the idea in 1691 attributes the development of polar coordinates to Fontana, with no date.