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Author: Herman Helmholtz (1821-1894)
Discovery of time course of muscle action and nerve impulses by graphical methods.
Mediaitems: Hemholtz1850, Helmholtz1852-1, Helmholtz1852-2, Helmholtz1852-3, Herman Helmholtz
Category: Technology
Author: Herman Hollerith (1860-1929)
Invention of the punched card for use in a machine to tabulate the USA Census (in 1890). Hollerith's company eventually became IBM
Mediaitems: Hollerith tabulator machine for census bureau, Hollerith punched card, Hollerith portrait, Comprehensive Hollerith biography, Wikipedia: Hollerith biography, Hollerith punched card machine: reader-sorter
Category: Technology
Author: Edward Walter Maunder (1851-1928)
Use of the "butterfly diagram'' to study the variation of sunspots over time, leading to the discovery that they were markedly reduced in frequency from 1645--1715 (the "Maunder minimum''). [Earlier work, started in 1843 by H. Schwabe, showed that sunspots exhibit an approximately twenty-two year cycle, with each eleven-year cycle of sunspots followed by a reversal of the direction of the sun's magnetic field]
Mediaitems: Maunder's butterfly diagram, The sunspot cycle, The butterfly diagram, 1904 Butterfly Diagram: Sunspots
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: D. H. Leavens & F. C. Martin
"Log Square'' paper ($log y, log x$, for relations which are linear in log scales)