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Authors: Johanes Tobias Mayer (1723-1762) & Johann Heinrich Lambert (1728-1777) & Moses Harris (1730-1785)
Diagrams developed to represent color systems. In 1758, Mayer developed a system of constructing and naming many of the possible colours. Lambert extended this with a 3D pyramid indicating "depth'' (saturation).
Mediaitems: Moses Harris' prismatic colour mixture system, from, Johann Heinrich Lambert's color pyramid, from, Tobias Mayer's colour pyramid, from
Category: Other
Author: Henry C. Beck (1902-1974)
Re-design of the routes of the London underground rail system to favor usability
Mediaitems: Modern London tube map following Beck, Beck's initial underground map, Beck portrait, Wikipedia on Henry (Harry) Beck, Catalog of London Underground maps 1933-
Category: Cartography
Author: Harry Harmon (1913-1976)
Development of an electro-mechanical machine to aid in the rotation of multidimensional factor analysis solutions to "simple structure.'' This allowed an analyst to carry out by direct manipulation of dials what one did by plotting pairs of factors, and hand calculation of the rotation matrices in earlier times [(work carried out under the Adjutant General for development of the Armed Forces General Classification Test) cite{Tucker:2002}]
Mediaitem: Harry Harmon portrait
Category: Technology