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Author: Regnier Gemma-Frisius (1508-1555)
Theoretical description of how longitude may be determined using difference of times by a clock and the associated observed change in star positions (not implemented)
Mediaitems: Frisius biography, Gemma Frisius portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Regnier Gemma-Frisius (1508-1555)
Description of how to determine mapping locations by triangulation, from similar triangles, and with use of angles w.r.t meridians
Mediaitems: Gemma Frisius at his desk surrounded by instruments and books, Image from Peter Apianius Cosmographia, edited by Gemma Frissius, Gemma-Frisius Diagram of triangulation, Cosmographia web site, Frisius biography
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Regnier Gemma-Frisius (1508-1555)
The first published illustration of a camera obscura, used to record an eclipse of the sun, on January 24, 1544.
Mediaitems: Camera obscura, Camera obscura, Adventures in Cybersound: The Camera Obscura, Science, Optics and You - Timeline, 1000-1599, Camera Obscura in Wikipedia
Category: Technology
Author: Willebrord van Roijen Snell (1580-1626)
First use of Frisius' method of trigonometric triangulation to produce locations of major cities in Holland; foundation of geodesy
Mediaitems: Snell, biographical sketch, Snellius portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics