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Author: Francis Hauksbee (1666-1713)
Literal line graph, inspired by observation of nature (section of hyperbola, formed by capillary action of colored water between two glass plates)
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Francis Galton (1822-1911)
The modern weather map, a chart showing area of similar air pressure and barometric changes by means of glyphs displayed on a map. These led to the discovery of the anti-cyclonic movement of wind around low-pressure areas
Mediaitems: Galton's 1881 weather chart, Galton portrait, Galton's 1870 Barometric Predictions of Weather, Galton's 1861 Meteorological Charts, 1861, Dec.7. Morning, Afternoon, Evening. , Charts of the temprature, wind, rain and borometer in the morning.
Category: Cartography
Author: Francis Amasa Walker (1840-1897)
Age pyramid (bilateral histogram), bilateral frequency polygon, and the use of subdivided squares to show the division of population by two variables jointly (an early mosaic display) in the first true U.S. national statistical atlas
Mediaitems: Cover of the 1870 Statistical Atlas, Population pyramid, Portrait, Walker portrait, detailed Walker biography, Text of the Statistical Atlas of 1870, History of US census atlases, Detailed Walker biography, Statistical Atlas of the United States (1870), Population distribution of U.S. by age and sex, Example of population pyramid
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Francis Galton (1822-1911)
Galton's first semi-graphic scatterplot and correlation diagram, of head size and height, from his notebook on Special Peculiarities
Mediaitems: Galton correlation diagram, from, Comprehensive Galton site: biography, papers, images
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Francis Galton (1822-1911)
Galton's first illustration of the idea of correlation, using sizes of the seeds of mother and daughter plants
Mediaitem: Galton's first correlation diagram
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Francis Galton (1822-1911)
Galton's 1877 (hypothetical) machine for visualizing Bayesian inference using a prior distribution.
Mediaitem: Galton's 1877 machine
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Francis Galton (1822-1911)
Normal correlation surface and regression, the idea that in a bivariate normal distribution, contours of equal frequency formed concentric ellipses, with the regression line connecting points of vertical tangents
Mediaitems: Galton diagram of bivariate normal distribution, Galton portrait, Galton biography, A comprehensive Galton web site, with many publications and images, Karl Pearson's biography of Galton, online
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Francis Galton (1822-1911)
Idea for "log-square'' paper, ruled so that normal probability curve appears as a straight line
Category: Technology
Author: Niels Keiding (1944-)
Lexis pencil: display of multivariate data in the context of life-history
Mediaitems: Animated 3D lexis pencil, from Brian Francis, Bertin, lexis, and the graphical representation of event histories, Lexis pencil image
Category: Statistics & Graphics