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Author: Johann Friedrich von Charpentier (1738-1805)
Geological map (distribution of soils, minerals)
Mediaitem: von Charpentier bio blurb (german)
Category: Cartography
Author: August Friedrich Wilhelm Crome (1753-1833)
Statistical map of production in Europe, possibly the first economic and thematic map (shows geographic distribution of 56 commodities produced in Europe)
Mediaitems: Crome portrait, Wikipedia bio (German)
Category: Cartography
Author: August Friedrich Wilhelm Crome (1753-1833)
Superimposed squares to compare areas (of European states)
Mediaitem: Crome's 1820 Verhaeltness Karte
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Ernest Florens Friedrich Chladni (1756-1827)
Visualization of vibration patterns (by spreading a uniform layer of sand on a disk, and observing displacement when vibration is applied)
Mediaitems: Chladni vibration patterns, from, Chladni portrait, Chladni biography, High frequency kink interaction
Category: Other
Author: Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855)
Methods of determining an orbit from at least three observations; presentation of the least squares method
Mediaitem: Gauss biography
Category: Statistics & Graphics