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Author: Joseph Priestley (1733-1804)
Historical timeline (life spans of 2,000 famous people, 1200 B.C. to 1750 A.D.), quantitative comparison by means of bars
Mediaitems: Priestley's specimen chart of biography, Priestley biography, Priestley portrait
Category: Cartography
Author: Charles de Fourcroy (1766-c.1810)
Use of geometric, proportional figures (squares) to compare demographic quantities by superposition, an early "tableau graphique''
Mediaitems: de Fourcroy's proportional squares, de Fourcroy's proportional squares, Description of de Fourcroy, from Palsky
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Baron Pierre Charles Dupin (1784-1873)
Choropleth map with shadings from black to white (distribution and intensity of illiteracy in France), the first (unclassed) choropleth map, and perhaps the first modern statistical map. (This map dates from 1826 cite[Plate 1, vol. 2]{Dupin:1827} according to Robinson cite[p. 232]{Robinson:1982}, rather than 1819 according to Funkhouser cite{Funkhouser:1937})
Mediaitems: Dupin portrait, with his map, Dupin choropleth map of France
Category: Cartography
Author: Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier (1768-1830)
Ogive or cumulative frequency curve, inhabitants of Paris by age groupings (shows the number of inhabitants of Paris per 10,000 in 1817 who were of a given age or over. The name "ogive'' is due to Galton.)
Mediaitems: Fourier biography, Fourier portrait, Fourier ogive
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Charles Babbage (1791-1871)
Mechanical device for calculating mathematical tables (the Difference Engine) [The beginnings of computing as we know it today. The Difference Engine was steam-powered, and the size of a locomotive.]
Mediaitems: Babbage portrait, Babbage Difference Engine, Babbage biography
Category: Technology
Author: Baron Pierre Charles Dupin (1784-1873)
Choropleth map with shadings from black to white (distribution and intensity of illiteracy in France), the first (unclassed) choropleth map, and perhaps the first modern statistical map
Mediaitems: Dupin portrait, Dupin choropleth map of literacy in France, Dupin cartogram map of France, Dupin biography
Category: Cartography
Author: Joseph Nicephore Niepce (1765-1833)
First successful photograph produced (an 8-hour exposure). [A type of asphalt (bitumen of Judea) was coated on metal plates. After exposure it was washed in solvents, the light areas were shown by the bitumen, dark areas by bare metal. Exposed to iodine, the plate darkened in the shadowed areas.]
Mediaitems: University of Texas exhibition: The first photo, Niepce portrait, Catalog of Niepce heliographies, Niepce photo, Point de vue du Gras
Category: Technology
Author: Armand Joseph Frere de Montizon (1788-)
First simple dot map of population by department, 1 dot = 10,000 people
Mediaitems: Dot map of population of France, 1830
Category: Cartography
Author: Charles Wheatstone (1802-1875)
Invention of the stereoscope, revealing the dependence of visual depth perception upon binocular vision, and allowing production of stereoscopic images
Mediaitems: Charles Wheatstone portrait, Wheatstone biography, Wheatstone uses paper tape to store data, Stereoscopic photography
Category: Technology
Author: Ada Lovelace (1815-1852)
Ada Lovelace was known as the first programmer for her work in 1843 with Charles Babbage. She wrote a series of instructions for his proposed machanical computer.
Mediaitems: Lovelace portrait, Brief Biography
Category: Technology
Author: Charles Joseph Minard (1781-1870)
"Tableau-graphique'' showing transportation of commercial traffic by variable-width (distance), divided bars (height $sim$ amount), area $sim$ cost of transport [An early form of the mosaic plot.]
Mediaitems: Minard biography, Minard Tableau graphique
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Charles Joseph Minard (1781-1870)
Map incorporating statistical diagrams: circles proportional to coal production (published in 1861)
Mediaitem: Pie-map showing origin of meats consumed in Paris
Category: Cartography
Author: Charles Joseph Minard (1781-1870)
Minard, a visual engineer, was asked to investigate the cause of the collapse of the bridge at Bourg St. Andeol on the Rhone in 1840.
Mediaitem: Collapse of the bridge on the Rhone
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Joseph Stummer
Visual representation and data visualization of the history of the Emperor Ferdinand Northern railway from the beginning of the operation on the 6th. of January 1838 to the end of the year 1853. There are 2 years on every sheet, the horizontal scale is the timeline with the major events of the company like the opening of a new part of the track. There is a map of the rail network on every sheet for every year. The vertical scale are the revenues, from the bottom to the top income with passengers, from the top to the bottom income for transport of goods. In the lower right of every year you can see the number of locomotives, close to the center the number of the different wagons:1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class and freight wagons. As a data visualization this is very unusual in the amount of different kinds of data mixed together on one chart, over time. It is also very early for such an ambitious effort.
Mediaitem: Composite Map: Sheets 1-9
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Charles Joseph Minard (1781-1870)
Minard's flow map graphic of Napoleon's March on Moscow (called "the best graphic ever produced)
Mediaitems: Web page for "Re-visions of Charles Joseph Minard'', Minard's March on Moscow graphic
Category: Cartography
Author: James Joseph Sylvester (1814-1897)
The term "graph'' introduced, referring to diagrams showing analogies between the chemical bonds in molecules and graphical representations of mathematical invariants (also coined the term "matrix'')
Mediaitems: Sylvester's diagram image, Sylvester portrait, Wikipedia: Sylvester, Sylvester's diagram icon, Sylvester biography
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Charles Lallemand (1857-1938)
Combination of many variables into multi-function nomograms, using 3D, juxtaposition of maps, parallel coordinate and hexagonal grids (L'Abaque Triomphe)
Mediaitems: Lallemand's "L'Abaque Triomphe'', Detailed biography (French), l'Ecole des mines: Lalanne "compteur universel'' and other calculating diagrams, Lallemand biography and portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Charles Booth (1840-1916)
Street maps of London, showing poverty and wealth by color coding, transforming existing methods of social survey and poverty mapping towards the end of the nineteenth century
Mediaitems: Booth portrait, Booth's poverty map, larger, Charles Booth: Mapping London's Poverty, 1885-1903, Portion of Booth's poverty map, Charles Booth Online Archive at LSE, Booth's 1889 London Poverty Map (digitized, zoomable), Charles Booth and poverty mapping in late nineteenth century London
Category: Cartography
Author: Lawrence Joseph Henderson (1878-1942)
Nomogram of chemical concentrations in blood, showing the relations among over 20 components
Mediaitems: Henderson nomogram image, Henderson nomogram icon, Henderson biography (pdf)
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Joseph B. Kruskal (1929-2010)
Beginnings of modern dynamic statistical graphics (a 1 minute movie of the iterative process of finding a multidimensional scaling solution)
Mediaitems: Kruskal portrait, ASA Video Library blurb for video "Multidimensional Scaling'', with sample frames
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Leland Wilkinson (1944-)
Grammar of Graphics: A comprehensive systematization of grammatical rules for data and graphs and graph algebras within an object-oriented, computational framework
Mediaitems: Minard's March on Moscow graphic, 3D Contour map, Fig 8-11, Contour plot of death rate vs. birth rate, Wilkinson Portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics