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Author: Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859)
First graph of isotherms, showing mean temperature around the world by latitude and longitude. Recognizing that temperature depends more on latitude and altitude, a subscripted graph shows the direct relation of temperature on these two variables
Mediaitems: von Humboldt isotherms, Annals de Chemie et de physique, 1817, von Humboldt isotherm, von Humboldt isotherms from Berghaus' 1849 Atlas, von Humboldt isotherm icon
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Heinrich Berghaus (1797-1884)
Physical atlas of the distribution of plants, animals, climate, etc., one of the most extensive and detailed thematic atlases; most of the maps contained tables, graphs, pictorial profiles of distributions over altitude, and other visual accompanyments
Mediaitems: Charts showing temperature throughout the world, World map showing the tradewinds, Full colour "ideal'' geologic cross-section, Berghaus map icon, Berghaus biography, Berghaus map, high-res
Category: Cartography