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Authors: John M. Chambers & Richard A. Becker (1887-1955)
S, a language and environment for statistical computation and graphics. S (later sold as a commercial package, S-Plus; more recently, a public-domain implementation, R is widely available), would become a lingua franca for statistical computation and graphics
Mediaitems: Boxplot of the NJ Pick-it Lottery, Richard Becker portrait, The R Project for Statistical Computing, A Brief History of S (Postscript), John Chambers portrait
Category: Technology
Authors: Richard A. Becker (1887-1955) & William S. Cleveland
Interactive statistical graphics, systematized: allowing brushing, linking, other forms of interaction
Mediaitems: Figure 14 from "Brushing scatterplots'' showing interactive labeling of brushed points, Becker bio and portrait, ASA Video Library blurb for video "Dynamic Displays of Data''
Category: Statistics & Graphics