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Author: Hipparchus (190-120BC)
Measurement of the year with great accuracy and building of the first comprehensive star chart with 850 stars and a luminosity, or brightness, scale; discovery of the precision of the equinoxes
Mediaitems: Hipparchus biography, Hipparchus the Astronomer, Astronomy
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Eratosthenes (276BC-194BC)
Calculation of the diameter of the earth by measuring noontime shadows at sites 800 km. apart
Mediaitems: Eratosthenes biography, Eratosthenes of Cyrene
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Unknown
Earliest known attempt to show changing values graphically (positions of the sun, moon, and planets throughout the year)
Mediaitems: Planetary movements diagram, Planetary movements icon
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Ramon Llull (1235-1316)
Triangular diagrams of paired comparisons for electoral systems (how to elect a Pope or Mother Superior, when all the candidates are voting)
Mediaitems: Llull portraits, Llull portrait, Llull's writings on electoral systems
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Ramon Llull (1235-1316)
Mechanical diagrams of knowledge, as aids to reasoning (served as an inspiration to Leibnitz in the development of symbolic logic)
Mediaitems: Llull's tree of knowledge, Llull's mechanical disks
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Nicole Oresme (1320-1382)
Proto-bar graph (of a theoretical function), and development of the logical relation between tabulating values, and graphing them (pre-dating Descartes). Oresme proposed the use of a graph for plotting a variable magnitude whose value depends on another, and, implicitly, the idea of a coordinate system
Mediaitems: Oresme portrait, Oresme bar graph, Page from Oresme
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Nicolas of Cusa (1401-1464)
Graphs of distance vs. speed, presumably of the theoretical relation
Mediaitems: Cusa biography, Annotated links: Nicolas of Cusa on the Web, Nicolas de Cusa portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
Use of rectangular coordinates to analyze velocity of falling objects
Mediaitems: The'Arnovalley', the first known and dated work of Leonardo da Vinci, da Vinci portrait, biography of Leonardo da Vinci
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Regnier Gemma-Frisius (1508-1555)
Theoretical description of how longitude may be determined using difference of times by a clock and the associated observed change in star positions (not implemented)
Mediaitems: Frisius biography, Gemma Frisius portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Regnier Gemma-Frisius (1508-1555)
Description of how to determine mapping locations by triangulation, from similar triangles, and with use of angles w.r.t meridians
Mediaitems: Gemma Frisius at his desk surrounded by instruments and books, Image from Peter Apianius Cosmographia, edited by Gemma Frissius, Gemma-Frisius Diagram of triangulation, Cosmographia web site, Frisius biography
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Georg Joachim Rheticus (1514-1574)
Trigonometric tables (published 1596 posthumously)
Mediaitem: Rheticus biography
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Niccolo Fontana Tartaglia (1499-1557)
Development of a method to fix position and survey land using compass-bearing and distance. (Tartaglia is better known for discovering a method to solve cubic equations)
Mediaitems: Tartaglia biography, Tartaglia portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Gerolamo Cardano (1501-1576)
Liber de Ludo Alaea, a practical guide to gambling, containing the first systematic computation of probabilities; written in 1562, but not published until 1663.
Mediaitems: Gerolamo Cardano portrait, Cardano (Galileo project), Cardano biography
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Unknown
Tables of empirical data, published tables of numbers begin to appear. "Die Tabellen-Statistik,'' as a branch of statistics devoted to the numerical description of facts