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Author: Adolphe Quetelet (1796-1874)
Mortality curves drawn from empirical data (for Belgium and France)
Mediaitems: Quetelet biography, Quetelet portrait, Quetelet web site
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Adolphe d' Angeville (1796-1856)
First broad and general application of principles of graphic representation to national industrial and population data
Mediaitems: Angeville biography, Population of France, Carte 1, Taille, Carte 5
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Adolphe Quetelet (1796-1874)
Results of sampling from urns shown as symmetrical histograms, with limiting "curve of possibility'' (later called the normal curve)
Mediaitems: Quetelet's graph of a binomial distribution, 999 trials
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: International Statistical Institute (1885-)
First international statistics conference (organized by Quetelet)
Mediaitems: ISI historical biography, ISI History, Quetelet biography
Category: Other